A Fly On The Dressing Room Wall……

Welcome to my little world of beauty. I am Cher, owner and beauty therapist for Che Cher mobile beauty service for Lanarkshire.

Since I finished my HND Beauty Therapy at Glasgow College of Nautical Studies in 2004 I knew I wanted to own my own business eventually, it has been a dream of mine for most of my life.

I have worked in a spa and a high street salon and also worked as a make up artist, just so I could try out a few things to find my strengths and talents, turns out…I’m good at them all 😉

I also tried some modelling and PR work which actually has taught me a lot and also helps me with my business venture in various ways.

After having my Son, I didnt have much time to work but still did the odd treatment for friends and family, which then developed into Che Cher as my clientele grew.

I now do as many clients as I can in the limited time that I have as well as attend workshops and training courses which, will eventually allow my business to grow when my Son goes to school and I have more time.

I decided to put my beauty knowledge into this blog so my clients can look it up for some advice. I put together these sections through guidance from questions that clients normally ask me. I have combined make up, beauty and hair tips that I have picked up through being in the industry.

I hope you enjoy my tips, suggestions and views on various treatments, products and trends.

Cher x

“Be your own kind of beautiful”

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