Easy Tips On How To Make Fake Tan Last Longer.

This is the number one problem my clients seem to have. Again and again I hear them asking, “Why isn’t my tan lasting as long as it should?”

I have put together tips on how to look after your tan at home because most beauty treatments need a lot of care at home to get the most out of them. There is also a spray tan treatments preparation page on our website.

  • Exfoliate before your tan is applied, this will make sure the tan goes on and comes off even. Sloughing off dry skin or just dead skin which naturally sheds is easy with exfoliation gloves. These are cheap so no need to buy expensive exfoliator creams, and can be used with shower gel in the shower.
  • Make sure you wax or shave at least 24 hours before, because doing this afterwards will remove your tan.
  • Do not wear perfume or deodorant at the time of tanning.
  • Make sure you leave plenty of time for your tan to develop before washing the guide colour off.
  • Wash the guide colour off with water only, when the shower water runs clear, you can then use a gentle shower gel.
  • Do not rub your skin, just pat dry.
  • Check the ingredients in your shower gel to make sure they do not contain Parabens, alchohol or AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) as these will fade your tan prematurely. I like to use Mandara Spa products as these state clearly that they don’t contain harmful chemicals.
  • Moisturise twice a day to keep the tan from flaking. Get to know your skin; if you have dry skin, use a thick moisturiser or try to moisturise more often. Oilier skin will be fine with a light lotion once or twice a day.
  • Touching your skin during the development stage will cause the tan to rub off onto your fingers and palms.
  • No washing dishes or activities causing you to perspire during development stage (No complaints there then). Also be careful of the rain, make sure you are fully covered – and remember your hands.
  • If you get a tan for going on holiday or go swimming regularly please be aware that the chemicals use to sanitize the water will fade your tan prematurely.
  • **Top Tip** – If you get a tan for going on holiday and are trying to make it last as long as possible, why not try applying a gradual tan every evening. I like to use St Tropez gradual tan.
  • REMEMBER – Fake tan does NOT provide protection from harmful rays from the sun so please apply a factor of at least 15, even on cloudy days.
  • **Another Top Tip** – I don’t use sunbeds anymore but what I used to do when I did use them was put a high factor on my face and hands and even switch the facial tanner off if possible. This means you wont age prematurely on your face and hands, just apply fake tan to these areas to even out your over all colour

I hope this helps you with looking after your tan, thank you for visiting my little world, please leave a comment.

Cher x

“Be your own kind of beautiful”

2 thoughts on “Easy Tips On How To Make Fake Tan Last Longer.

  1. Very unique and useful information. After reading this article i got a complete idea about how to make a fake tan to last longer. Thanks for the information.

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