Top Beauty Tricks Of The Trade.

Do you have any beauty tips?

Is a question I am asked a lot from women, they seem to focus all their energy on the flaws they have rather than enhancing their strengths so I have combined some “tricks of the trade” to conceal flaws and enhance beauty.

Trick 1Instant facelift –  Apply a cream highlighter on top of your moisturiser but under your foundation for a natural dewy look to your skin. Apply to cheek bones, under eyebrow and a touch on the cupids bow (on curve at the top of the lip, just under the nose).

I like to use a brown toned high lighter in summer and a pink or silver toned in the winter.

My fav product is St Tropez Skin Illuminator.

Trick 2 Long, volumtous lashes – Apply a coat of mascara before any other make up to give a base coat; hold the lid open from the brow (or do as I do and open your mouth wide and eyes wide – attractive, I know!) and comb  through from root to tip with zig-zag movements, this will give volume.

After you apply all your make up, give them a second coat but this time combing in a long stroke from root to tip giving the comb a slight turn under for extra lift then a little bit extra dabbed on the roots for length.

**Top Tip** If you get a splodge of mascara on your face, don’t start scrubbing it off or it will turn out disastrous. Let it dry and simply pick it off.

Trick 3Brighter eyes – to achieve this you need to remove dark circles by using a good creamy concealer and dab with your ring finger around your eye, after doing this get a light concealing powder and use a brush to stroke over the cream to seal it and help it stay put, although, be careful with powder on the eyes because it can accentuate aging skin.

My fav product is YSL Touche Eclat Radiant, which has an added brush which is great for isolating a specific area.

Trick 4 To get rid of marrionette lines (smile lines from nose to mouth) use a brow highlighting pencil and make 3 lines like cats whiskers on top of your foundation and blend well this creates and optical illusion and magically makes your smile lines fade. Remember to blend well though or you might look like you are going to a fancy dress party 🙂

I love Benefit High Brow Glow for this.

Trick 5To find the most flattering colour of lipstick, look in a mirror and give youself a petted lip, look at the colour in the inside of ur lip. This is the natural colour of your lips when you were younger and if you match your lipstick to this colour it will be the perfect colour for you.

Trick 6 To fade the downward drag of crows feet, use a brightening pencil to draw a big dot at the corner of your eye and blend by pulling upwards towards the end of your brow. You can also draw three dots with the same pencil on the inner corner of your eye and blend to make your eyes look even younger.

You can also use your High Brow Glow for this too.

Trick 7To make eyes look larger use a white eyeliner on the bottom ledge of the eye then a black line just along the bottom lash line and on to the top ledge with a stroke of liquid liner on the top lid as close to the lashes as possible. Never apply black liner to bottom ledge if you want a youthful wide eyed look.

Trick 8To make your nose appear smaller, pencil or grow your eyebrows closer together at the top of the nose and this instantly makes your nose look thinner. Also brushing a matt bronzer powder down the sides from bridge to tip then a stroke of highlighter down the middle of the two (on the top on the nose) which this gives the illusion of a perfect nose.

Trick 9 – Make your eyelash curlers heated instantly by placing them in your underarm, this will heat them to body temp so will never burn your eyes, but be sure to wear a long sleeved top as you don’t want them to actually be on the skin, that would just be gross!

Trick 10 – Get instant full lips just like the best glamour models by dabbing some cream concealer on with your finger imitating a ‘bouncy movement’ to force lips to plump, put some highlighter over the cupids bow, put a slick of gloss and hey presto, gorgeous glam lips all that’s needed now is your best pout, a pair of Jimmy Choos and your ready for the red carpet.

Trick 11 – How to get a real tan without aging skin on face and hands – In 1920’s style icon Coco Chanel pathed the way for sun worshippers of the future when she decided to sunbathe to rid herself of the porcelain white skin, however, her secret to looking young was that she wore gloves and a veil. My advice to you is if going on sun beds wear a high factor on your face and hands or cove them up then apply a fake tan to disguise dodgy lines. For more tips on tanning check out my blog on tanning.

Trick 12 – How to get super healthy, shiny hair – When washing hair make sure you do the final wash with cold, mineral (bottled) water. This will add vitamins and minerals straight into your hair, simples.

I hope you have enjoyed my beauty tips, thank you for visiting my little world, please leave a comment.

Cher x

“Be your own kind of beautiful”


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