How to look great at a works christmas party…

Turn heads this festive season with my easy steps on how to look great and get that promotion you have always wanted.

  • Make a positive impact. This is the one time of the year to show your collegues how fantastic you look, make an effort and spend a little extra on a dress that is perfect for your figure, wear killer heels that scream power. Wearing high heels also improve your posture by pulling in your tummy and pushing out your derriere, which is always good!
  • Having your make up done professionally adds that WOW factor therefore, is a must have and worth every penny.
  • “Eyes are the window to the soul” is a proverbial phrase that is no less true now as it was back in Shakesperian times. What I think was meant by this is; people express themselves through their eyes, it’s where the personality shines through so enhancing your eyes to make they stand out will draw people in, to essentially flaunt your Winter Nailspersonality. Why not give yourself some lavish eyelashes which can be worn with or without eye make up and still give you beautiful eyes.
  • Try to keep alcohol consumption under control, being the last person staggering out and hugging colleagues screaming, “I LOVE YOU GUYS”! is not a good look and you do not want to be doing the walk of shame when you go back to the office :O
  • NEVER go anywhere with nail polish that is chipped, this is the ultimate faux pas of all faux pas. There is nothing more horrific, so make sure you have a manicure and pedicure prior to your party and get some added sparkle to dazzle everyone.Having a colour then some sparkle on a feature nail is right on trend for this christmas. You can even have a uv gel colour, which is polish that can be cured by uv light, which stops it from chipping for up to two weeks! The greatest creation known to man!
  • Last but not least, a bit of sound advice: Always think classy, dont be throwing up on the dance floor, make sure you can walk on your heels because it only gets worse the more you drink, and never slow dance with the boss!

Hope this guides you on your way to festive party bliss, please check out my glitz and glam christmas party packages.

Cher x

“Be your own kind of beautiful”


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