5 things to do on Valentines day…..

Struggling to find something to do for that special someone on Valentines day? Here are my top 5 ideas……..

Valentines massage1.Treat her/him to something they normally wouldn’t spend money on like a relaxing massage. The benefits of having a massage are priceless; it releases endorphins (happy hormone), eases ‘up-tight-ness’ (not the scientific name lol), relaxes shoulders and soothes the soul. This is the number 1 treatment if you are looking for extra brownie points.

2.If you have a tight budget why not have a candlelit bath together, cook a delicious dinner and watch your fav romantic film or recite your favorite part of 50 Shades of Grey to each other 😉

3. If you are going away for an overnight or a weekend why not spice things up a little by having a Vegas bikini wax which Las Vegas Waxing
is a Hollywood wax (all hair removed from front,back and underneath) with an added vajazzle for an extra bit of bling. You can never go wrong with a bit of sparkle when it comes to buying for a woman, this is also something men can enjoy.

4. With apps like Instagram you can now take beautiful pictures that look really professional so why not take advantage of this and maybe spend the day together going a walk and taking pictures of each other as well as getting someone else to take some of you both. Then make a collage of the best ones and frame it.

5. Why not take pole dance lessons which teaches women how to move seductively and enhance your best features which would be a fantastic valentines treat for your partner. Guys could maybe get some tips from The Buff Butlers and give your Valentine a treat they would never forget.

Please check out my website for more beauty treatments and Valentines packages.

These are just a few little ideas to help cupid along. I hope you have enjoyed my article, please leave a comment

Cher x

“Be your own kind of beautiful”


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