How To Maintain HD Brows At Home

This is a quick and easy tutorial to help you mke the most of your HD Brows.

Soooo, I made my first Youtube video, who would have known it could be so stressful!? After 3 different hairstyles, 4 make up changes and about 20 takes, I finally got there.

You can find the video by clicking here.

My main objective for making tutorials is simply to help my clients make the most of their beauty treatments by helping them with home care.

This first tutorial is to help you understand more about HD Brows as well as demonstrate how I teach my clients to fill their eyebrows in to get the perfect shape.

Firstly, I would just like to point out that HD Brows are NOT drawn on nor are they tattoos so you do have to have hair there for the tint to go on so if you have over-tweezed brows, you really do need to grow them for as long as you can to avoid disappointment and get the most out of your treatment. You can however, have your eyebrows neatened up having a wax or threading treatment so you aren’t just leaving them to grow wild.

  1. The first step is maintaining the shape and teasing the hair into the correct direction for your HD Brows. The ones at the start near your nose should be brushed up using clear mascara or brow gel or even just a brush and vaseline. This gives the brow volume and can give the illusion of thickness if you have thin brows. Sweep of the arch then pull down at the tail for length.
  2. Next, is filling in the brow. There are 2 ways I demonstrate, the first is using a brow template and brow powder. You just put the Che cher brow stencilstemplate over your shape, sweep over with powder and voila! an instant eyebrow. This is perfect for quickness or people who aren’t confident in filling their brows in.
  3. The other way is using brow pencil. Your pencil should be sharpened then draw on your hand a bit to take the sharpe edge off. I personally use 2 different colours, 1 the same colour as the tint used and the other a shade lighter for the start to create more natural looking brows.
  4. Hold your pencil half way down and use a loose wrist to give light flicks which will imitate the natural hair. If you hold at the bottom you will find that the flicks will be too harsh, you can sort this buy smoothing over with an eyeshadow brush.
  5. For added definition I like to use a stick concealer which is the same colour as your skin or just a shade lighter (which will give some highlight). Apply it just under the brow on the brow bone and blend with a good concealer brush with a neat edge.
  6. For the finishing touch I like to add a fine line just under the hair with a highlighting powder using your concealer brush beauty lanarkshire HD Brows

**Top Tip** Avoid scrubbing over your eyebrows when exfoliating your face and this will help prolong the tint.

Following these steps will give you the perfect Hollywood brow. I would also like to add that Ché Cher offer a range of different colours of tints to match the clients hair colour or just personal preference. Like all my treatments, these are customised to each individual so they can be thick or thin brows. HD Brows do not have to be massive, black and fake looking. Ché Cher do beautiful, well groomed, natural looking, celebrity brows so make sure you make your appointment today at

Hope you enjoy my post and video, please leave a comment and if you have any suggestions on future tutorials please let me know.

Cher x

“Be your own kind of beautiful”


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