Simple Steps To Achieve Autumn Ombre Lips.

Hair, nails and now lips. Seems like everything has an ombre look to it this year. Colour fading has been massive through the summer and is extending through Autumn.

Autumn and Winter are perfect seasons to whip out the red wine stained lip colours, so why not try this fabulous twist by using two colours or even experimenting with more than two, and use different colours from the Autumn colour palette. Keeping them deep, warm and earthy will compliment any skin tone this season.

#checherbeauty autumn colour fade   To accomplish this fashionable look you will need a lip liner with the matching lip colour and also a slightly lighter shade of lip colour, as well as a lip gloss or balm.

Begin by lining you lip, remember, you can line slightly outside the natural line of the lip to create a fuller shape or can be used to even out an irregular lip shape.

Next, take the darker lip colour and apply it to the corners on the top and bottom lip, this will create dimension. I recommend you apply it with a lip brush which gives you more control over blending.

Then, apply the lighter shade to the centre of the lips and press both lips together to give the desired blended effect.

Lastly, apply gloss and balm, don’t over do the gloss though, you want to be able to see the beautiful colours. #checherbeauty autumn ombre

You can also fade the colour from outer lip to inner lip to give a different effect.



……..and there you have it – stunning, contemporary lip colour in minutes.

Thanks for visiting my little world, please leave a comment.

Cher x

“Be your own kind of beautiful”


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