Steps to Cleanse,Tone and Moisturising – My Daily Regime

Over the past few years most of the products I have been asked to recommend have been facial products so I have put together this article to show all my readers the exact products I use and how to use them properly. I will follow this up with a youtube tutorial.

The products I will recommend are products that I have used for a while, I don’t tend to change my facial products as I have hyper-sensitive skin and are prone to break-outs. Some of the products I have been trained to use professionally and others are just products I have tried and fallen in love with.che cher facial

How do I cleanse my face properly?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Put a liberal amount of cleanser onto you hands and warm between them then, with upward strokes pull your full hand up from your chest, onto the neck and up one side of the face. Repeat with other hand.
  2. With your fingers make large circles over the cheeks then smaller ones along the jaw line. Continue this up the temples and over the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, around the sides of the nose then under the nose.
  3. Use the finger circles again to get round the sides of the neck.
  4. Then, get a towelling face cloth or mitts and soak in really warm water – as warm as you can handle then wring these out and immediately put it onto the face and hold for a couple of seconds then wipe over the face. Rinse and repeat, making sure you don’t forget the neck.
  5. The great thing about this way is you are thoroughly cleaning the area without using loads of cotton pads and it aids in relaxation due to the warmth.

Why should I bother to tone?

Toning your skin is a simple but vital part of your regime. When applied simply with cotton pads directly onto the skin it takes the residue cleanser and dirt off the skin but more importantly, it shrinks the pores in the skin as well as leaving a tightening effect. This particular toner that I use takes redness out of the skin which I love.

Should I use a scrub or a peel?

There are various types of exfoliation; scrubs, enzyme peels, peel of masques, gentle scrubs, exfoliating washes, microdermabrasion….. this list goes on. I recommend a scrub or microdermabrasion once per week if you have a normal skin type. If you have very dry or oily skin, a gentle daily exfoliator added to that. If you have a sensitive skin type you should use an enzyme peel or peel off masque.

To get the best from your exfoliating scrub I recommend to use it on dry skin prior to cleansing.elemis

What is a BB Cream?

Over the past few years there has been change to how we moisturise. BB creams or beauty balms are lighter than moisturisers but thicker than tinted moisturiser, they can also have an added spf, depending on which brand you use. They new craze is CC creams or colour correction which, basically does what id says on the tin. The beauty balm I use is from Clarins. I love the fresh scent it has as well as the way it leaves a luminous glow to the skin, it doesn’t have added tint or added spf however, but I hope this will be something that will be added in due course.

**Top Tip** Invest in a good night cream, your skin renews through the night so make sure you have a vitamin rich cream on to nourish the skin and this is a good way to wear a heavy cream if you don’t like a heavy cream through the day. I like to use body shops vitamin E night cream.

Products I use are:

  • Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye Makeup Remover
  • MD Formulations Cleansing Gel
  • Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser
  • Germain de Cappucini High Tolerance Toner
  • Germaine de Cappucini Exfoliating Scrub or or |Elemis |Gentle Rose Exfoliator
  • Elemis Skin Bliss Capsules (for a pick me up)
  • Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
  • Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream
  • Roc Wrinkle Correxion Eye Cream
  • Dermalogica MediBac Clearing products (for breakouts)
  • MD Formulations spf 30
  • Manadara Spa Amber heaven Hand cream

Thank you for reading and have a great day, please leave a comment and subscribe 🙂

Cher x

“Be your own kind of beautiful”


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